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Holiday Gift Tags for a Special Touch: Retro Themed and Free! #christmas

Welcome to! I appreciate your visit, and I hope you enjoy all the retro, whimsical, and future-themed lifestyle content I’ll be bringing to the site.


To be totally honest, I always forget about holiday gift tags. For the kids, I started using wrapping paper as the markers for Christmas presents; each one has their designated paper design. Outside of that, a little piece of wrapping paper folded in half with writing will usually suffice. However, when it comes to extended family, friends, and neighbors - yikes! That will just not do for me...

Fast forward to the "free printables" age, and I have come to rely on blind searches on the Internet. Rejoice! What a saving grace! This year, I finally got myself together and made cute retro-themed labels. Thus, I'm offering them here for anyone else looking for something like them to use. They're great on sticker / label paper or cardstock.


Thanks for reading! I'll see you soon. :)


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