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Kid Chore Charts to Make Parenting a Little Easier | Clubhouse [printable]

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome to! I appreciate your visit, and I hope you love all the retro, whimsical, and future-themed content I’ll be bringing to this site. This is the first post in our official “Clubhouse” category where parenting is the theme, and we’re looking to create helpful content for those on the journey of raising the next generation.


This post’s printable template is brought to you by my kids’ inability to stay focused on their daily routines in the face of, well, anything. How many times must I repeat the same questions about clean teeth and pajama locations before it becomes a habit without need for a nagging parent? Well, I’m afraid I will never find that answer, but I will settle on a nearer-term goal instead: accountability.

During one of my nightly Pinterest scroll sessions, I came across several project ideas for helping kids remember their chores. Some were super-detailed magnet boards, some were simple lists with clothespins that moved when tasks were completed, and others were everywhere in between. Regardless, the “pinner” ideas were inspiring for my gradually worsening attempts to corral three young kids into some sense of order morning and night. All that in mind, I came up with a simple cutout concept with pockets to put little game-type pieces into whenever a chore was done.

My kids love to count down days to special events and visit their garden to check in on every fledgling seed for growth status, so I’m taking a gamble that being able to move a little cutout icon into a pocket when they’ve finished a chore will help improve their memories immensely. It might even be fun! Behind the scenes, they certainly had very strong opinions about what they wanted their personal charts to look like, so hopefully there’s some built-in excitement to boot. Maybe your kids will have similar tastes?

Included in this free printable PDF file are four themed charts, one blank chart, four sets of themed icons, and two sets of chore labels (one color, one for DIY coloring). The rainbows, dinosaur, and space charts are pretty self explanatory; however, the raindrop one was chosen by my eight year-old as a “meditation” concept. She’s very into nature sounds and listens to nature music playlists when going to sleep or sketching in her art pad.

While the themes I included were based on my kids’ tastes, the concept should be pretty flexible outside of what’s in this printable. Any small clip art should be suitable for the pocket pieces, and the blank chart can either be cut out and taped to a scrapbooking page or designed and colored as-is. The short video below serves as a guide for assembly and usage.

If you use these charts for your kids’ chores, I’d love to hear how they work out for you! I can read your feedback through the Instagram page, via comments on the #gardenpunk Substack, or via the Contact form on this site.

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Thanks for reading!


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